Scotty. Always stay one step ahead of corrosion.

For either galvanic as impressed current cathodic protection systems, Scotty is your best partner in corrosion protection. Scotty permanently surveils your cathodic protection using NBIoT and LORA technology, making it deployable anywhere.


Scotty keeps you informed.

The cloud based server sends the data to a dashboard. Major change in one of the received data points? The server uses a self learning algorithm to identify the cause of the defect and notifies you about it.


Smarth algorithm


The computer algorithm is based on Anotec’s 25 years experience in fuel station and pipeline cathodic protection systems. Different problems may be detected at distance:

• potential too high
• potential too low
• electrical power defect
• anode cable defect
• cathode cable defect
• grounding problem
• anode bed defect

Cost benefits



Send out a technician for repair anticipating the yearly physical cathodic protection inspection

 Minimize the repair time

due to problem identification

Correct decisions

Because of clear insights


Less corrosion damage 

in case of a cathodic protection failure detection with a physical check once a year, the steel structure is unprotected for 180 days on average.

Insights in influencing parameters eg. stray currents, soil humidity influences, influences from other CP systems,…

Our customers

Network possibilities

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Scotty in the News

31/10/2019 | Scotty remote monitor lauched in Belgium

01/12/2019 | VIVAQUA joins as early adopter

12/12/2019 | AS24 by Total joins the monitoring platform

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